The Path to Your Dream Life

Each and every one of us views the dream life in a different light. We have different understandings of what the dream life constitutes. We have different values and morals. We experience joy and satisfaction through different means. Yet, the commonality between all our perceptions of “the dream life” is rather straightforward: the dream life puts a smile on our lips and fills our days with satisfaction and love.

What does it mean to live the life of your dreams?

The dream life is (quite literally) the life you dream for! It is the life you long for when you’re sad and alone—or surrounded by people and happy. This is the life where you are free to do what delights you. This is the life that makes your soul squeak with joy. This is the life that pleases you with all it has to offer.

Though you often dream about this life, you don’t actually allow yourself to have it! You’re held back by fears, self-limiting thoughts, childhood traumas, and past failures. These hurdles prevent you from going after your dreams and living your desired life.

The team of our academy will help you achieve one crucial goal: to foster the life of your dreams. We will support you on your journey to combatting your fears, eliminating your self-limiting thoughts, and embracing your potential. We will help you become a confident woman who always achieves her targets. We’ll show you how to find the right partner and establish a happy, harmonious relationship. We’ll take your hand on the road to the desired life, assisting you in every way possible.

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VASIA ACADEMY is entirely dedicated to you! Our academy is passionate about helping you go from a confused, dissatisfied woman into a happy, fulfilled lady! It will help you establish yourself as a strong, formidable person. It will teach you how to live up to your potential and become successful in your field of choice. It will also help you step into a life of independence, abundance, and endless opportunities. Through our webinars and personal consultations, we will allow you to conceive a new mindset, overcome your fears and traumas, and find your inner strength. You will grow into a happy, financially and emotionally stable woman. You will lead the life of your dreams.
Are you ready to claim your happiness?


Vasilena Kyosova is a psychologist, writer, and speaker on the topic of personal development. She’s also the founder of Vasia Academy.

Vasilena has dedicated herself to exploring happy relationships and spotting the key stumbling blocks that prevent modern couples from living happily. Together with her team, Vasilena leads weekly webinars about personal growth and transformation.