Path to high society

High society or upper class in modern societies is the social class composed of people who hold the highest social status. They are usually the wealthiest members of society, and wield the greatest power. This is the behaviour and lifestyle of people with the highest level of wealth and social status. It includes their education, related affiliations, social events and practices, clothing, behavior, tradition and manners, different languages and conversations.

When it comes to dating in high society, the dynamics can be wildly different from what you will normally find in middle and lower class relationships. There are a number of things that need to be taken into account, if we want to be in High Society.
It’s not about how much we have; it’s about what qualities we must possess to be part of this

VASIA ACADEMY has developed a programme through which you could build yourself as a strong and respected person, unleash all the potential that you carry with you, be successful in the field in which you want to develop and live a life of abundance, independence and unlimited possibilities. Here, you can make contacts with different people from different countries and nationalities, as well as you can meet your dream mate.

The combination of organizing seminars and webinars around the world, individual consultation, and the fact that Vasilena creates personal profiles of clients, as well as the dating agency she is the founder of, gives tremendous opportunity for people to build themselves as individuals. The people are given the opportunity to overcome their fears, to socialize, and meet new people for friendship, business and making relationships.


Vasilena Kyosova is a psychologist, a lecturer, a matchmaker and a discoverer of Vasia Academy – an online platform for men and women who want to be part of High Society life.

She has the ability to transform confused, unmotivated and lonely people, into people who are ambitious, who pursue their goals and who become successful and happy.