About us

Vasilena Kyosova is a psychologist, writer, and speaker on the topic of personal development. She’s also the founder of Vasia Academy.

Vasilena has dedicated herself to exploring happy relationships and spotting the key stumbling blocks that prevent modern couples from living happily. Together with her team, Vasilena leads weekly webinars about personal growth and transformation.

In her first book, “Darling,” Vasilena analyses different stories and life paths, uprooting their issues and explaining the consequences of irresponsibility in our relationships. By discussing tons of childhood traumas and seemingly trivial issues, Vasilena masterfully uses the character of Sarah to depict a woman’s growth from a little girl into a mature lady.

In her second book, You Won’t Change Him. Get to Know Him Instead, Vasilena describes the different archetypes of men and women, acknowledging their traits, behaviours, and tastes. She then continues her brilliant exploration of human nature by highlighting the key relationship issues and offering practical solutions. Of course, she draws on real-life examples and anecdotes to illustrate her tips.

Both Vasilena’s webinars and her personal consultations target young girls, helping them build self-confidence, inner trust, and strength, all whilst propelling them to find the right life purpose and direction.

Here are the most common problems Vasilena tackles:

  • Discovering one’s mission.
  • Increasing one’s self-confidence.
  • Establishing happy, harmonious relationships.
  • Receiving love, attention, and resources from men.
  • Living in the flow of abundance.
  • Overcoming a breakup.
  • … as well as all other topics one could need help and support with!

Vasilena will help you establish your dream life and enjoy every moment of it!