Sweetheart is Vasilena’s debut novel, with a second one in the works.

Pages: 172
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Control. Is this the aspiration, steering human emotions, ambitions and actions?
All through our lives, we try to know and be in command of ourselves, we try to make up a plan and follow it, we try to predict events and manage them. Yet, to pull off this plan, we need to have the upper hand over the people around us.
But when we let ourselves go astray, to unwind for just a little and act on our impulses – that is when everything turns upside down.
The constant battle between reason and instinct, between the desired and the predetermined – is this human fate?
Is there a way we can govern our lives?
Sarah was asking herself a lot of questions.

Life itself was about to give her the answers.
Vasilena Kyosova is a lecturer in personal development skills, a writer and a trainee-psychologist.
She is dedicated to exploring successful interactions between men and women and the factors that hamper happiness of contemporary couples.
Vasilena works mainly with young women. Her seminars and individual counselling helps these young women build self-esteem, self-confidence and personal strength to pursue their own avenues of development in life.

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